Donovans Trail Ann Snuggs



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Donovans Trail  by  Ann Snuggs

Donovans Trail by Ann Snuggs
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Tom Donovan takes after his father, who was also sheriff of Sundown years ago and who possessed a strong sense of right and wrong. Unlike his father, however, Tom is alive. John Donovan, gunned down in Toms youth by a man the boy looked up to as a hero, left a legacy of justice. But his murder left behind the need for revenge.

Toms moral fortitude is put to the test when his fathers killer reappears years later. The man who once was Toms hero but now was his bitterest of enemies has become one of the fiercest villains in the West. And this time his schemes threaten to undo the family of Toms sweetheart, Katie.

Tom, together with his fathers old partner and now Sundowns deputy, Ben, must not only track and face down the most cold-blooded outlaw in his neck of the wild West, but he must also fight the urge to become a murderer himself. With Toms relationship, the well-being of his friends and his own life at risk, the greatest stake of all is the soul of a good man.

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